Diana PrinceWonder Woman

Diana Prince

Toggle between Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.

An Amazonian princess new to the world of mortals and ready to fight for peace.

Diana PrinceWonder Woman
Wonder Woman's Flying Shield attack
Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth attack
Wonder Woman's Bracelet Blast attack
Cycle between Wonder Woman's attacks.

Flying Shield

Throw your shield at enemies, or create a platform to jump onto by aiming at a wall!

Lasso of Truth

Wield the iconic Lasso of Truth like a champion! Throw it at nearby enemies to round them up and draw them in.

Bracelet Blast

Use the Bracelet Blast to channel energy that blows away nearby foes!

Barbara GordonBatgirl

Barbara Gordon

Toggle between Barbara Gordon and Batgirl.

A technological mastermind who loves all things Batman and justice.

Barbara GordonBatgirl
Batgirl's Batarang attack
Batgirl's Bat-Hook attack
Batgirl's Bat-Rocket attack
Cycle between Batgirl's attacks.


An iconic gadget that’s a must-have for any crime-fighting adventures!


Press the X Button to send the Bat-Hook flying to the tops of buildings in front of you. From there, you can bound all the way up to them in one quick shot!


Launch a volley of handmade rockets toward the enemy!

Kara DanversSupergirl

Kara Danvers

Toggle between Kara Danvers and Supergirl.

Superman’s cousin who has out-of-this-world superpowers.

Kara DanversSupergirl
Supergirl’s Power Lift attack
Supergirl’s Super-Breath attack
Supergirl’s Heat Vision attack
Cycle between Supergirl's attacks.

Power Lift

Supergirl’s super-strength in action! Test it out on enemies or other objects during battle!


Spin around and breathe out an icy blast with Super-Breath! You can freeze your enemies in place!

Heat Vision

Supergirl’s burning gaze can melt away crime, even from a distance!

Harleen QuinzelHarley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel

Toggle between Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn.

Straight out of Gotham City and ready for some mischief.

Harleen QuinzelHarley Quinn
Harley Quinn's Spree Spring attack
Harley Quinn's No Time Bomb attack
Harley Quinn's Pop Roulette attack
Cycle between Harley Quinn's attacks.

Spree Spring

Use this mega jump to spread some mayhem wherever you go—look out, Metropolis!

No Time Bomb

Use your mallet to make this bomb go BOOM! Even though there’s no time to spare, Harley Quinn always avoids what comes next.

Pop Roulette

A weapon as mischievous as Harley Quinn! It could release a firecracker to stun, fire to burn, or even hearts to heal—but you’ll never know for sure until you try it out!

Selina KyleCatwoman

Selina Kyle

Toggle between Selina Kyle and Catwoman.

A skilled jewel thief. Always has her eye on the next prize.

Selina KyleCatwoman
Catwoman's Merry Tail attack
Catwoman's Cat Dance attack
Catwoman's Cat Pounce attack
Cycle between Catwoman's attacks.

Merry Tail

Crack the whip with Merry Tail! Strike down nearby enemies with an attack as valuable as Catwoman’s stash of jewels.

Cat Dance

Run super fast and scratch away enemies with Cat Dance! It’s easy to use no matter how many opponents you’re facing.

Cat Pounce

Press the X Button to hook Catwoman’s whip onto the tops of buildings with feline ferocity.

Carol FerrisStar Sapphire

Carol Ferris

Toggle between Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire.

With a power ring of her own, she has the abilities of the Green Lanterns but an appetite for chaos and destruction.

Carol FerrisStar Sapphire
Star Sapphire's Cage of Love attack
Star Sapphire's Flail of Ambivalence attack
Star Sapphire's Ring Lift attack
Cycle between Star Sapphire's attacks.

Cage of Love

Cage of Love is a construct of Star Sapphire’s power ring that stuns and traps its enemies inside!

Flail of Ambivalence

Use Star Sapphire’s power ring to construct a huge hammer and pound away at your opponents!

Ring Lift

Lift enemies and objects with Ring Lift! What happens when you throw is different from Supergirl’s Power Lift.

More friends & frenemies

You’ll join forces with these other Super Heroes and Super-Villains around Metropolis, too!

Jessica Cruz AKA Green Lantern

Jessica Cruz AKA Green Lantern

A student activist who battles with courage, compassion, and a whole lot of heart!

Karen Beecher AKA Bumblebee

Karen Beecher AKA Bumblebee

An engineering genius who can shrink down to microscopic sizes but pack a big punch!

Zee Zatara AKA Zatanna

Zee Zatara AKA Zatanna

A magician whose power comes from supernatural abilities. Zatanna loves to be in the spotlight and use her magic for good.

Doris Zeul AKA Giganta

Doris Zeul AKA Giganta

An athlete obsessed with competition whose quest to be the best results in a scientific experiment gone wrong.

Leslie Willis AKA Livewire

Leslie Willis AKA Livewire

It’s all about shock value with Livewire, whether she’s behind the mic of her podcast or using her power to manipulate energy.

Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy

Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy

A bit of a loner, Poison Ivy uses her ability to communicate with and control plants to protect them at all costs.

Who’s that mysterious figure?

You’ll see some interesting faces around Metropolis. Try to identify these characters just by their shadows!